Lawrence Poole

Author, heuristic training consultant and international speaker.
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Even if our event took place several weeks ago, I'm happy to tell you that we are still getting the most glowing comments about your "Lessons from the jungle..." presentation.  It gave us a beautiful new way to reflect on change - and it was a positive message about the changes that life imposes on us and how they can be sources of opportunity.  The success of our event - which was an important meeting of our sales team - would not have been possible without your contribution.  Please know that we are very pleased to have relied on you.  The presence of passionate people like you among us was inspiring!”  La Capitale                                                                  

Founder-president of Gestion Consult-IIDC Management Inc., a Montreal consultant firm, Lawrence Poole transforms human capital into creative capital.  During his career, he has taught thousands of leaders the principles of motivated creativity, strategy and self-empowerment favored in Nature.  A dynamic and inspiring speaker, Lawrence has acquired a solid reputation with the people, corporations, associations and public institutions he has served in Canada, Latin America and Europe.

Specialized in developing human potential, Lawrence teaches executives, managers and their teams how to make decisions that are strategic, fair, quick and innovative, how to enhance their adaptability and flexibility so as to focus on adding value to the creative capital of the organization. A pioneer in heuristic learning (self-discovery), Lawrence has created and animated hundreds of training activities and educational adventures whose whole-brain approach shortens the learning curve.

Paralyzed in car accident, Lawrence Poole is, with little doubt, the only researcher on Earth who treks jungles in a wheelchair!  For more then 30 years, this energetic and passionate man explored the most diversified ecosystems on the Planet and translates his understanding of the creative processes into best practices and success strategies. Lawrence shares his uncommon experiences with passion, pleasure and simplicity.  His multimedia conferences feature video, pictures, sounds and even exotic odors from the rainforest so participants can experience the mystic and strange beauty of the neotropical jungle.

A well-seasoned traveler, accounts of his adventures have been recorded in The Real Guide collection at Prentice Hall, while other were subject to radio and television coverage.  With his life-partner Suzy, Lawrence created a series of heuristic learning adventures using the National Parks of Costa Rica as classrooms.  These were designed so participants can discover, optimize and profit from their creative capital.

Author of the books SELF-Empowerment and Investissez dans votre capital creative, he recently penned « Les leçons de la jungle : 50 histoires pour mieux vivre au travail et en société » which was published by IQ Press.  As of Fall 2019, he will animate a podcast called “The Jungle Times” to explain Nature management rules.


Today, people operate in a climate of increasing complexity and ambiguity and in an environment marked by continuous change, increase performance requirements and the need for high efficiency.  In this context, thinking with strategy is a real survival tool that is essential to personal, professional and organizational success.  Managers at all levels are feeling the pressure to be more adaptable.  They have to learn how to manage change, to improve relationships and to innovate products and processes.  In brief, they must add value to their role by becoming more creative.

Using Nature for its examples, Lawrence shows participants in his training how species that survive and prosper in an unstable environment are those that demonstrate strategy and leadership. With no resistance to respond to the demands of change, they look for an array of adaptative strategies that includes synergy, alliances and mutualism.

In his dynamic, powerful yet entertaining animations, Poole explains that - in order to adapt to a changing conditions - individuals need to not only acquire the skills of seasonned leaders, but they also must also know how to think beyond their limits.  Referring to his own story and how he came to explore the tropical jungles – in a wheelchair - Lawrence tells why we should adopt the winning strategies in the natural world and how to integrate them into our personal, professional and organizational life. 

Return on investment

  • Comparisons between the natural world and the business environment capture the attention of participants and this translates into a collective awareness of the attitudes, aptitudes and abilities needed to manage ourselves with the same strategies that have driven the Planet’s 4.5 billion years of success.
  • Information-rich, this training helps new perceptions to emerge and new links to be made so it prompts change and stimulates action.
  • By sharing a common langage for the notions and thinking tools presented, a positive and immediate effect on participants and organizations is counted on.


"I take this opportunity to express, on behalf of myself and every member of our senior management team, our sincere appreciation and congratulations for your presentation at Arborite Canada's National Sales Meeting, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Your thought-provoking principles are forcing individuals to take a long and hard look at themselves and to evaluate their ability to make sound management decisions. ‘Thinking outside the box’ and creativity are 2 skills that managers need to cultivate. I thank you for your support" Arborite Canada

" Thanks for your effort and inspiration to make our event a success. I don't think I have ever seen an audience so attentive and ‘mesmerized’ by a speaker.  I appreciated how you listened to me when I first called.  Your offer to tailor your talk is just what we needed. When you finished your keynote speech, I was overwhelmed with your message and the motivation I felt in the room. I could see and feel everyone deep in thought about the possibilities you opened up for them. We’ve only had rave reviews and I have had several people from the conference follow-up with me to say that your talk was the highlight of our event and it meant so much to them.” The Ontario Society for Environmental Education (OSEE)

*Made to measure, the training events are animated over several hours in a day.  They invite participants to experience an adventure wherein they can explore the notions and tools animated in short presentations. Team-building components are built-in. Maximum 175 participants.

*Based on our «Lessons from the jungle…», team-building activities are adapted to the needs of the client and proposed when participants are from the same organization. Maximum 175 participants.