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Why Nature requires motivated creativity, How Nature favors self-organization, strategy and creativity,
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Internationally acclaimed speaker, author, columnist and heuristic training consultant— Founder-president of Gestion Consult-IIDC Management Inc., a Montreal consultant firm, and of Instituto Internacional de Desarrollo Creativo, a Costarican educational initiative, Lawrence Poole specializes in developing the creative capital of leaders. Since 1988, he has taught thousands of leaders the principles of motivated creativity, strategy and self-empowerment that are favored in Nature. A dynamic speaker, he’s acquired a solid reputation with the people, corporations, associations and public institutions that he has served in Canada, Latin America and Europe. A pioneer in heuristic learning (self-discovery), he’s created and animated hundreds of training activities and educational adventures whose innovative whole-brain methods shorten the learning curve. Lawrence shares his uncommon experiences with passion, pleasure and simplicity. His multimédia conferences feature video and pictures, sounds and even exotic odors from the rainforest so participants can experience the mystic and strange beauty of the neotropical jungle. Paralyzed in car accident, Lawrence Poole is, with little doubt, the only researcher on Earth who treks jungles in a wheelchair! This energetic and passionate man studied Nature’s laws for more than 30 years and, after exploring the most diversified ecosystems on the Planet, he draws from his work important conclusions that he has translated into best practices and success strategies. Lawrence animated conferences and training activities for organizations like Bell Canada, The Royal Bank, Hydro Québec, Gaz Métro, Banque Nationale, Johnson & Johnson, Desjardins, and many more… He’s also served small and medium-sized companies, goverment agencies at Federal, Provincial and Local levels, and associations of every description, incorporating their training needs in his themes and activities. Read their testimonials here : http://www.consult-iidc.com/english/whoweare/clients.htm Author of the book SELF-Empowerment, and of Investissez dans votre capital créatif - works that demystify creative self-empowerment, Lawrence explains how to see creativity as a precious resource. He tells us how to develop our potential and thus add incredible worth to our personal and professional life. He’s also been writing a monthly column called Lessons from the jungle… in the Quebec business magazine La Réussite for several years, relating Nature’s strategies to « best practices » Lawrence just completed a book for children 6-60 titled « 12 Tall Tales From The Rainforest And Beyond » on how Nature champions cleverness, strategy and wisdom. A well-seasoned traveller, accounts of his adventures have been recorded in The Real Guide collection (Prentice Hall), while other were subject to radio and television coverage. With his life-partner Suzy, Lawrence created a series of heuristic learning adventures using the National Parks of Costa Rica as classrooms designed to help people discover, optimize and profit from their creative capital. Partial client list :

  • Bell Canada
  • RBC
  • Hydro Québec
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Genworth Financial Canada
  • Gaz Metro
  • Desjardins Financial Services
  • Sobeys Québec
  • La Capitale etc.
  • Canadian Revenue Agency
  • National Research Council of Canada
  • Emploi-Québec
  • Revenu Québec
  • Pôle Quebec Chaudiere-Appalaches
  • Wiichihiituum Development Corp. (Chisasibi, Qc)
  • ACOPROT - Costa Rican Tourism Pros
  • Global Conference on Sustainable Development
  • The Association of Fleet Owner
  • MUHC (McGill University Health Centre)
  • CERFrance
  • English Montreal School board
  • James Bay Cree School Board
  • Baxter
  • Arborite Canada

Some of their comments : "…Our most sincere appreciation and congratulations for your presentation made during Arborite's National Sales Meeting. Your thought provoking principles are forcing to evaluate their own ability to make sound management decisions. "Thinking outside the box" and creativity are 2 skills that managers need to cultivate. I thank you for your supportArborite Canada "The «team building» and strategic planning weeks you organized and led in Costa Rica will be etched in our memories for a long time. These unique experiences greatly contributed to the personal development of each one of us and thereby to the development of our skills as leaders and managers.Dìnec Furniture "I wish to thank you for your help in giving the workshop "Creative thinking" to our future entrepreneurs. Everyone, without exception, rated your session the best to date and several said it was too short. Many have played back in later sessions some of the themes you raised which shows you really got through to them. Now there is a strong team sense among the group and I think your session was one of the important ones in creating this. " CPI Bâtisseurs d'Entreprises Youth International Program "Even if our event took place a few weeks ago, I'm happy to inform you that we are still getting the most elogious comments on your "Lessons from the jungle..." presentation. It gave us a beautiful new way to reflect on change and how it can be a source of opportunity. The success of our event would not have been possible without your and Suzy's contributions. Please know that we are very pleased to have relied on you. The presence of passionate people like the two of you among us was inspiring!La Capitale "In the short time you were here, you were able to develop an excellent rapport with both the students and the teachers. Your workshops were well received by all and delivered with a high degree of professionalism. Not only did the students enjoy themselves tremendously, they also became more aware of the attitudes, aptitudes and abilitites necessary to become an entrepreneur and of the wide range of practical opportunities available for them here in the north. Again our gratitude for making the entrepreneurship workshop such a resounding success.James Bay Cree School Board "Thank you again for your participation at our team meeting. We all truly appreciated your inspiring vision on creative leadership and the tools to help achieve an evolution in mindset. The books will be good reminders of the thoughts and concepts. I appreciated the professionalism you demonstrated in the preparation of this session: listening to client's needs, timeliness, customization of material, etc. It was a delight working with both of you.Royal Bank Of Canada